Perfumes & Cupcakes Workshop


Perfumes & Cupcakes Workshop


Spend an evening with Yates enjoying delicious cupcakes and creating sweet gourmand perfumes.

During this perfumery workshop, you will learn the basics of perfumery: what are notes, types of perfumery oils, building a scent, and blending ratios. You will make and take two 5ml bottles of perfume. All Yates perfumes are alcohol-free and are blended in a fractionated coconut oil base. There will be written help along with personal guided help. The oils in the workshop will be essential oils, premium fragrance oils, and aroma molecules.

There will be a large variety of notes on the bench including a few sweet notes likeā€¦caramel, chocolate, buttercream, vanilla woods, and more.

Cupcakes and water will be provided. Feel free to bring outside beverages or foods.

It's important to come with an open mind and ready to explore the world of scent. Please arrive at the workshop free of perfumes so that you can experience your creations as you're blending.

Workshop minimum 4 // maximum is 12


Saturday, June 1st 11am - 1pm

Saturday, July 6th 11am - 1pm

Melissa Hale
Yates Perfumes
13000 Athens Ave - Studio C288
Lakewood, Ohio 44107

440.941.0398 or 216.937.9650

Perfume & Cupcakes:
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