Tarot Card Wall Art


Tarot Card Wall Art


Adorn your walls or alter with a major arcana tarot card. Select the card that speaks to you, one that soothes, one that reminds you, or makes you smile. These cards will come sealed with a waterbased sealer/finisher.

~You can choose one card from any of the 22 major arcana

The Fool: innocence, trust, beginning

The Magician: intention, will, resourcefulness

The High Priestess: meditation, inner wisdom, spirituality

The Empress: mother, creativity, nuturing

The Emperor: father, stability, structure

The Hierophant: teacher, responsibility, knowledge

The Lovers: union, love, cooperation

The Chariot: momentum, determination, control

Strength: survival, courage, inner strength

The Hermit: solitude, wisdom, guidance

Wheel of Fortune: luck, expansion, movement

Justice: accountability, balance, fairness

The Hanged Man: surrender, waiting, release

Death: ending, transformation, closure

Temperance: compromise, combining, experimenting

The Devil: limitations, attachments, restrictions

The Tower: shock, chaos, destruction

The Star: optimism, peace, renewal

The Moon: dreams, intuition, illusion

The Sun: clarity, playfulness, light

Judgement: reviewing, transition, maturing

The World: completion, options, wholeness

Each card is laser cut & engraved by Copper Kerf using low density fiberboard (chipboard). Measurements: approximately 8 inches long x 4.5 inches wide. Each card will include a general meaning and ribbon for hanging.

Major Arcana:
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