Painted Tarot Card Art


Painted Tarot Card Art

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Adorn your walls or alter with a major arcana tarot card. Select the card that speaks to you, one that soothes, one that reminds you, or makes you smile. Each card is hand painted using watercolor paints. The cards are accent painted to enhance certain properties of the card.

~You can choose one card from any of the 22 major arcana

The Fool: innocence, trust, beginning

The Magician: intention, will, resourcefulness

The High Priestess: meditation, inner wisdom, spirituality

The Empress: mother, creativity, nuturing

The Emperor: father, stability, structure

The Hierophant: teacher, responsibility, knowledge

The Lovers: union, love, cooperation

The Chariot: momentum, determination, control

Strength: survival, courage, inner strength

The Hermit: solitude, wisdom, guidance

Wheel of Fortune: luck, expansion, movement

Justice: accountability, balance, fairness

The Hanged Man: surrender, waiting, release

Death: ending, transformation, closure

Temperance: compromise, combining, experimenting

The Devil: limitations, attachments, restrictions

The Tower: shock, chaos, destruction

The Star: optimism, peace, renewal

The Moon: dreams, intuition, illusion

The Sun: clarity, playfulness, light

Judgement: reviewing, transition, maturing

The World: completion, options, wholeness

Each card is laser cut & engraved by Copper Kerf using low density fiberboard (chipboard). Measurements: approximately 8 inches long x 4.5 inches wide. Each card will include a general meaning and ribbon for hanging.

Major Arcana Cards:
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