Spirit Animal Perfume Oils


Spirit Animal Perfume Oils


The spirit animal perfume oils were created with intentional notes to enhance the spirituality of the Orca, Sprider, and Dragonfly.

Orca - social, family, loyalty, and bonds of love

Spider - feminine, creative, patience, and strength

Dragonfly - passionate, loves nature, change, and transformation

Honey Badger - don’t give a shit…about nothing!(coming soon)

Notes in Orca: seaweed, iris, oakmoss, ambroxan, cedar, black agar, iso e super

Notes in Spider: lily of the valley, orchid, tobacco, almond, iso e super, vanilla

Notes in Dragonfly: musk, iris, animalic musk, ambroxan, cedar, dirt

Notes in Honey Badger: tomato, galbanum, civet, iso e super

Each perfume oil comes in a 5ml glass bottle with direct application and is blended in a base of fractionated coconut oil.

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