Spirit Animal Perfume Oils


Spirit Animal Perfume Oils


The spirit animal perfume oils were created with intentional notes to enhance the spirituality of the Orca, Spider, Dragonfly, and Honey Badger.

Orca - social, family, loyalty, and bonds of love

Spider - feminine, creative, patience, and strength

Dragonfly - passionate, loves nature, change, and transformation

Honey Badger - don’t give a shit…about nothing!

Notes in Orca: seaweed, iris, oakmoss, ambroxan, cedar, black agar, iso e super

Notes in Spider: lily of the valley, orchid, tobacco, almond, iso e super, vanilla

Notes in Dragonfly: musk, iris, animalic musk, ambroxan, cedar, dirt

Notes in Honey Badger: tomato, galbanum, civet, iso e super

Each perfume oil comes in a 5ml glass bottle with direct application and is blended in a base of fractionated coconut oil.

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