Signature Perfume Oils


Signature Perfume Oils

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All Yates perfume oils are blended by hand using premium grade fragrance oils, key accords, essential oils, and aroma molecules...and are blended in small batches. Each perfume oil is combined with a base of fractioned coconut oil and comes in two sizes. The perfume oils are free of added chemicals and alcohol. Store away from direct sunlight and high temperature.

If you are curious on how a perfume will interact with your skin and body chemistry...please order or view the samples. This will allow trying the perfume before committing to a larger bottle. 

Size Options:

5ml: square bottle (direct application) - $13 each

5ml: roller ball bottle - $13 each

15ml: roller ball - $43 each

There are 12 different perfume oils available:

No. 0398: iso e super. amber. cedar. oakmoss. vanilla. cedar
~soft. woody. rich. velvety

No. 0410: bergamot. cassis. rose. white musk. cedar
~bright. sharp. musky. citrus

No. 0808: fern. vanilla. vetiver
~green. sweet. soft. bright

No. 0245: grass. myrrh. sandalwood. patchouli. musk. bergamot. cedar
~fresh. green. earthy. rich

No. 1107: amber. patchouli. vanilla
~warm. soft. inviting. charming

No. 1014: pine. lavender. oakmoss. lemon. musk. iso e super
~ soft. woody. autumn. citrus

No. 5345: nag champa & toasted marshmallow
~incense. sweet. smokey

No. 0288: bergamot, black tea, rose, musk. iso e super
~bright, earl grey inspired, floral

No. 0418: elderflower, birds of paradise, gardenia, orchid, vanilla, teak, ambroxan
~floral, soft, sweet

No. 3650 (David’s Garden): sunflower, lilac, vine tomato, grass, vanilla wood
~floral, romantic, summery

No. 0517: rose, vanilla, iso e super
~rosey, slightly sweet and woody

No. 4181: coffee, pineapple, pink pepper, warm vanilla, suede, tobacco

~coffee, sweet, warm, sultry

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