Collective Perfume Oil


Collective Perfume Oil

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The Colletive perfume oil was a social media creation. Votes were cast, oils were blended, and the Collective was created. Here are the notes:

  • lemon

  • black tea

  • bergamot

  • jasmine

  • cocktail

  • fig

  • fern

  • vetiver

  • oakmoss

  • vanilla

  • iso e super

  • sandalwood

The Collective perfume is fresh, green, and slightly floral…and is combined with a base of fractioned coconut oil. The perfume oil is alcohol free. Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Size Options:

5ml: square bottle (direct application) - $14 each

5ml: roller ball bottles - $14 each

15ml: roller ball application - $44 each

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